Sweet Potato Sliders with garlic aioli

Sweet Potato Sliders with garlic aioli

These sweet potato sliders with garlic aioli are super easy to put together, beautiful, and absolutely delicious. The hearty beef combined with the garlicky sauce and the tangy sweet potato makes this yummy appetizer burst with flavor.

You will need…

Roast beef – you can do this with roast beef you pick up at the deli or leftover from dinner or freshly made. I make it with my Instant Pot Tuscan Beef

Sweet Potato toasts – You can certainly easily make sweet potato bottoms yourself by roasting them, scooping out the insides, leaving the skins. I use these … because sometimes… ain’t nobody got time fo dat. I throw mine in my air fryer.

Garlic Aioli

Easy Garlic Aioli ( Don’t be intimidated by the fancy name, Aioli is just garlic mayonnaise with some lemon)

To Assemble:

Take the sweet potato toasts, top with garlic aioli and then with the beef and you are in business! Serve these delicious sweet potato sliders with garlic aioli at your next event or for a fun night in! You can thank me for this deliciousness because you will be in love!



  • When buying Mayonnaise ā€“ choose an organic one whenever possible, look for an olive oil or avocado mayo rather than a canola oil based one.
  • When choosing salt, the best is pink Himalayan or sea salt

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