Ten great documentaries about Natural Wellness

Ten great documentaries about Natural Wellness

A great way to ease into (or plummet head first into, depending on your personality) I am a plummeter) a healthy lifestyle is by educating yourself.

Becoming more aware of how what you put into and on your body affects your health mind, body, and soul and empowers you to make make better decisions for your family.

Here are ten Eye -opening Documentaries that have made a significant impact on my life and my family and my takeaways from each one.

I encourage you to pick a documentary or two to watch from this list.

Food, INC.

Photo credit Robert Kenner Films/ Food INC FB page

Food INC is the very first health documentary that I ever watched and it is a great one. It gives a great overall picture of some of the crazy things going on in the food industry.

Genetic Roulette

Image Credit Genetic Roulette FB page

(You Can rent it on Amazon)

Genetic Roulette has the best information on GMOS in my opinion) This is the film that completely changed the way that I fed my family and inspired my Facebook Group page Organic and GMO Free Dinner Solutions and Lifestyle.

The Magic Pill

Image Source The Magic Pill FB page

(Free on Netflix)

The Magic Pill is a great documentary that focuses on the paleo/Keto lifestyle and in my opinion the healthier way to do it with a focus on whole food nutrition .

What’s With Wheat

source Image What’s With Wheat FB page

(Free on Netflix)

What’s With Wheat is a very eye opening about what has been done to the wheat in our country and the link to celiac and gluten sensitivity.

In Defense of Food

Image Source In Defense of Food FB page

(Free on Netflix)

IN Defense Of Food is based on the book of the same name by Micheal Pollen. He is a fierce advocate for the food industry. One of my favorite quotes from him is “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”

Hungry for Change

Image Source Hungry for Change FB page

(Free on Netflix)

Hungry for Change is a fantastic documentary that points out how inflammatory sugar is. It shows how loaded in pretty much everything in the middle of grocery store shelves and also how the diet industry manipulates the masses.

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – the documentary that had everyone running to go by a juicer. I admit – we bought one too and it is fun, refreshing and delicious to make fresh juice. This documentary shows how radically ones health can transform when consuming fresh vegetables and fruits.

Forks over Knives

Image Source Forks Over Knives FB Page

(Free on Netflix)

Forks over Knives is all about living a plant based lifestyle – while I am NOT vegan nor am I vegetarian, I enjoyed this documentary and I definitely became more intentional about adding plant based recipes to our menu.


Image Credit Stink FB Page

(Free on Netflix)

Stink is a powerful documentary about a widowed father who wants to get to the bottom of the scent in pajamas he purchased for his daughters. It exposes synthetic fragrances for the toxins that they are and shows how little the US. does to regulate what is put in our personal care and cleaning products.


Image Source Heal FB Page

(Free on Netflix)

Heal shares great info on the philosophy of mind, over matter – you are as healthy as you think you are. The movie really dives into how stress and negative thoughts can make your health suffer while positive thoughts and happiness brings good health.

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I absolutely LOVE to help families live a healthier lifestyle! It is my passion and I hope that one of these documentaries inspire you as they have me.

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